christian Biblical counseling

Why Biblical Counseling?

I get asked this question quite often.  Why I have been schooled as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) but choose to practice as a Christian Counselor. There are many personal reasons but this is the best!

While I know that there are different approaches to counseling, I believe that healing comes from the master himself; the Holy Spirit.  Jesus says that only in his departure would he leave us a gift, the greatest counselor of all. John 16:7. We must learn to depend on this gift throughout our lives, not becoming dependent on anything else other then him for our peace and comfort. These are things I can teach others how to do through Christian Counseling.  Learning to always seek his will, hear his voice clearly and erase the "Negative Self-Talk" in our heads.

As our State and Nation are becoming more and more mandated, I am blessed to still be able to openly speak about my faith without waiting for prompting from my client. I believe that it is wise for Biblical Counselors to remain free from State Licensure and control so that we may be free to counsel according to our Biblical convictions; in love alone. Our authority then becomes God's alone, not whatever arbitrary standards the State and Secular Professional Organizations may choose to enact.

Is that to say that those choosing to Practice as MFT's or LCSW's are wrong?  No, not at all! There are many good practitioners that have strong ethics and faith, many I call friend!  It has simply become my decision and calling according to how the Lord has spoken to me.

As our culture becomes more hostile to biblical truth, more Licensed Christian Counselors (MFT & LCSW's) may find themselves having to choose between compromising their faith and convictions or risk losing their license.  I choose to follow my path according to the Lords calling on my life at this time.

I am a presidential member of the AACC- American Association of Christian Counseling and further my education accordingly, keeping up with all the latest information and training. I do this just as the state mandates a MFT or LCSW to do but under God's authority and training.

It doesn't matter if you have "No" faith, some faith or walk on fire for Jesus, there is something to be said for depending on something greater then yourself to find lasting peace and tranquility. You heard me right, I have counseled even Atheists who have chosen to see me for my life changing skills! Whoever you choose, make sure they are a facilitator for change and growth. Remember great things have never come from Comfort Zones.