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I love teens and work with them regularly, God has gifted me with such a heart to understand how much they just want to be heard. Being a Teen in todays world isn't an easy road; I understand this.  So many things to complicate and flood their minds leaving restlessness and uneasy feelings as well as negative self- talk.  This can lead to struggles in personality and behavior as well as self worth. Teens respect the advice of their parents but sometimes find it best to have someone of their own to talk to. If help isn't found many times it can lead to frustration or even worse. Through Counseling and Specialized Teen Life Coaching, we work to build self esteem through love and understanding. Helping both the teen and their parent communicate with each other in a more endearing fashion.

  • Self Esteem & Insecurities
  • Texting, Social Media. Pornography and Gaming Addictions
  • Suicidal Thoughts or Tendencies
  • Cutting or Self Hurt
  • Depression & Sadness
  • Agression & Anger due to Divorce
  • Spiritual Guidance and Maturity
  • Teen Unplanned Pregnancy

College & Career Navigating The Road Ahead

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Your Teen may not know what he plans to be when he graduates from High School or perhaps he does and doesn't know what the demands are to get there.  High School counselors are excellent resources but with usually over 50-100 students to work with, you aren't always feeling like a priority. Understanding and knowing exactly what Universities and potential Scholarships are looking for becomes very important information.

I walk with your child from beginning in 9th grade until their first semester of college (even showing them how to use their portals and select professors and classes their first semester of college). Starting early is essential as many of our Junior Colleges in San Diego allow our students to take classes and receive dual credit for both High School and College.  Taking one History class is enough for anyone! Learning these things can save both money and time in the long run. Some of those I have worked with have been able to graduate from College in 3 years instead of the standard 5 years saving themselves and their parents thousands of dollars. 


I specialize in:

Learning what Career is right for you?

  •  Seeking and understanding the ins and outs of Public, Private, Community or Vocational Colleges.
  • Personality and Career Matching assessments.
  • Creating a well rounded resume for Colleges and Scholarship Applications.
  • Understanding NCAA Requirements for Student Athletes and helping them to get noticed.
  • Helping seek Job Experience or Volunteer hours necessary for Scholarships and some College Applications and how to keep track of those hours.
  • In's and outs of the UC, Cal State as well as Private Christian School Systems, How they work and the money they are willing to offer.
  • Which "Out of State Colleges" will offer In state Tuition and why?
  • FAFSA and Financial Aid Applications knowing how to file to get the best money available.
  • Assist in Board of Governors Scholarships for Community College Students.
  • Aid in Writing Personal Statements and College Resumes as well as UC prompts.




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